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Bildstein: This exact position (in fact, this exact diagram) is covered in the double ko page. This page does not add anything, so I suggest it should be deleted and the link that links to it should be redirected to double ko, or perhaps double ko seki.

Bill: It was added because a user was unable to find out about this type of position. What it adds is ease in finding the information here. Do a title search for ko and seki.

Bildstein: Fair enough. I certainly don't have an objection to having a page on double ko seki. Should we remove the info on the double ko page and instead have a reference to this page? My feeling is that the sort of redundancy that this page creates is not good, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Bill: Well, people need a certain amount of redundancy. But who knows about this case? Anyway, I have no objection to editing the double ko page. :-)

Dieter: Let's keep the redundancy but mention it.

Double Ko Seki/ Discussion last edited by Dieter on June 17, 2008 - 17:05
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