Dieters Study Of Otake Game 3

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Moves 25 to 34  

This is from a game against Hayashi Yutaro. B25 is a typical ikken tobi as a reaction against white+circle. This is a place where I can learn from Otake-san. I would definitely react at a. Next White cuts through the ikken tobi:

Moves 35 to 44  

But of course Otake likes the influence obtained after B37. Hayashi however seems to have a similar style: W38 is a seemingly slow response, but it will show its effect much later in the game, which is typical of thick play. Black then uses his thickness to attack at B39.

W44 is another pro technique. Amateurs would atari at a immediately, but this move is true sabaki.

After thinking about it, I can't tell how W44 helps make sabaki as compared to the atari. Can you explain? Hyperpapeterie

To me W44 looks as if White offers an exchange. Black doesn't take the bait, so White plays the atari nonetheless. If the atari is W46 I wouldn't be surprised at all. Tapir.

Dieter: see the discussion below.

Moves 67 to 76  

I was surprised by the territorial move of B67. I feel Otake overestimates the thickness of his lower central group, which is badly affected by white+circle. W68 launches a painful attack (in my opinion).

Moves 77 to 86  

With W78, the overall weakness of Black's position becomes apparent. At least Otake seems to admit such problem with B81. Then comes the empty triangle of B85 and its being reduced to 2 liberties by W86, which must have hurt terribly to stylish Otake.

Moves 97 to 106  

The cicada sheds its skin !!! The bad shape lump is sacrificed in favour of a stable position in what once was White territory. This furikawari may be slightly advantageous for White in terms of points, Black's overall thickness has been greatly improved. He can again fight with hands free.

Moves 111 to 120  

At B11 Otake seems to overestimate his thickness once more. After W12 there is a ladder at B13, so he has to come back there. W14 is rather painful.

Moves 147 to 156  

B47-B51 is a nice technique. Locally, a and b are both not likeable to White. Then W52 looks like a mistake to me. Black sets the aji at the lower left into motion.

Moves 157 to 166  

The ko is heavy for both. Black uses White's top group as a ko threat reservoir. Both B85 and W66 capture through.

Moves 175 to 184 (81 at 1) (83 at 4)  

When the dust has settled, Black lives at the bottom and has captured 5 stones in the centre. White has not gained as much with the cut at W82. Moreover, the white top group is still not entirely safe.

Eventually, Black will lose a won game through a blunder in the late endgame.

I believe this game was a display of a still young and unaccomplished Otake. His thick style is already apparent, but he was overly confident in his thickness. He made two mistakes regarding what he had evaluated as a thick position. The first mistake was solved through furikawari, the next through a ko, turning the tables twice and giving him a comfortable lead until the last moves blew it all away.


W44 discussed  

If W1 and W3 are played in this order, then Black will surely respond at B4 instead of a.

W44 discussed  

If B2 here in response to W44 in the game, I believe White has more options for sabaki.

That's how I see it, but Hyperpapeterie's suggestion of an offered exchange may be the true reason.

Tapir: The suggestion was mine actually. I like your explanation better, however.

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