Compromised diagonal and dropping back

  Difficulty: Expert   Keywords: Joseki, Ko, Shape

This sort of pattern on the side is quite common after an invasion:

White drops back  

You could call W3 a dropping back idea; it is certainly also a getting ahead idea. In this case Black doesn't cut with Black a, White b, Black c because White d is a tesuji of the flying-off kind.

To play W1 at a is clearly slower and heavier, even though it has more effect on Black too.

Here is a very special case of this shape.

An unusual shape  

This choice of B1 (instead of Black at a, in the 3-5 point, 4-3 approach, one-space pincer) is an example of a play that is recorded in joseki dictionaries, but rarely seen in pro games.

From what is said at weak player's diagonal, one can understand the rarity: Black at a is very natural from the point of view of shape. Of course B1 can be called a lighter play.

This example game in which B1 was played (Kori Toshio-Kajiwara Takeo (B) 1982-03-04) is a good example of Kajiwara's style. We join it at Black 33.[1]

Moves 33 to 40  

Presumably W2 is intended as a sort of inducing move. Black wastes no time playing B3 at another key point of White's diagonal.

Moves 41 to 50  

Kajiwara was nicknamed 'the drill' for his maximum attitude to local play: B5 is a good example. A ko results.

Moves 51 to 60  

Black wins the ko. This leaves White needing a move to live in the lower right.

Moves 61 to 70  
Moves 71 to 80  

Another ko: Black trades away the upper right.

Moves 81 to 90  

Here B5 (dropping back with a diagonal play) shuts White in, rather than chase him out into the centre.

Moves 91 to 100  
Moves 101 to 110  
Moves 111 to 120  

By W10 (move 120) this is the endgame. Black won by resignation, at move 213.

Charles Matthews

[1] The opening plays were these:

Moves 1 to 10  
Moves 11 to 20  
Moves 21 to 30  
Moves 31 to 32  

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