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HolIgor: It is strange we have so little on semeai. I formulated some principles on Tsume go from games 17. The third game of 2001 Oza match is a good example of a beautifully fought semeai. A game between Yi Se-tol and Yuki Satoshi from the first round of Toyota Denzo cup is an excellent example as well. Yi won several of them in that game.

Dieter: The following statement

When attacking your opponent's group in a semeai, you should play the inside liberties last. Otherwise, you take away one of your own liberties as well as the opponent's, and then give them sente afterwards.

is widely accepted. In a big eye versus small eye capturing race or a eye against no eye capturing race, however, the inside liberties belong to the stronger party. It doesn't matter whether the weaker party plays OL or IL first. Of course, since it doesn't matter here and does matter in other fights, playing IL last is a good habit.

Paths: Fight =>   ·   <= Give me liberties =>
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