Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Life & Death, Question
Could Black live?  

White to play. I am confused whether there's a difference with white+circle on the second line, or not there.

Guess 1  

I played this in the real game. Both lived (seki).

The second type  

Black's dead, I guess.

--Leonard Huang (17k)

Why not try here?  

This seems much simpler! Alain (4D)

Variation 2  

But what if Black plays like this??


There is no way Black could make two eyes in this shape, Black doesn't have enough space (only four stones on the second line). You need at least five stones on the second line to make two eyes. The only thing Black has is a ko threat.

At least five  

At least five stones on the second line to make two eyes!

Only a ko threat!  

black+circle threatens to make a second eye with the throw-in B1. If White captures, Black can play B3. White can't connect because of a shortage of liberties.

This is because of the special properties of the corner and a good illustration of the go proverb "Strange things happen at the 1-2 point.. So, when Black plays black+circle, White has to play at W1 or a if she wants to kill the group.

   -- Alain Wettach 4D (Europe)

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