BQM 582

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Joseki

This is a question about the 4-4 point low approach, two-space high pincer, without side stone.

Moves 11 to 20  

After the unfavorable exchange of white+circle for B1, White returns to the bottom left with W2, where the aforementioned joseki starts. At W10, Sensei's Library mentions a as the only move. In this game however, White plays W10 to reinforce her group. I find this a difficult move to cope with.


The first thing to notice is that the cut at B1 does not work because the ladder works for White. So it looks as if White has set up this position very astutely.

Outside hane  

The calmer move of B1 here leads to a number of branches. Black must choose to defend the cut at either a or b with moreover multiple techniques to do so.

Defend main cut  

If Black defends with B1 here (maybe the technique gives too many forcing moves but that's another issue) White cuts at W6. To my positional judgment, Black did not at all benefit from having the first move in the bottom left and is scattered.

Defend and sacrifice  

Defending at B1 here will force Black to sacrifice the two stones that block White's access to the centre, because Black cannot fight now. Up until B7, Black gets nice territory and the influence of his tiger mouth towards his bottom right corner doesn't look too bad either. However, white is very thick and has sente.


And while I'm writing this, the answer knocks on my door. In the game, Black wedged at B1 here. When White cut at W4, Black blocked and got into trouble with the fight, losing the corner and getting some influence.

But of course in this case too Black must simply yield. Now, after B9, White is clearly overconcentrated and not as thick because the second eye may still require some definition later. Black on the other hand has the same territorial gain and one almost ponnuki

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