BQM 501

    Keywords: MiddleGame, Tactics, Question
What can white expect here?  

Tapir: Maybe white should play lightly now, and gain something with moves like a next.

xela: Looks to me like W1 is a big overplay. White shouldn't expect to achieve anything good this way.

Tapir: But don't people say, that only the enclosure with the simple knight's jump at a instead of the large one and a kosumi is safe from the 3-3 invasion? However what may happen now after white a looks complicated (possibly crosscut). In the game (i was black) I wasn't confident whether the result favours me at all. Basically White got W7 and W9 in sente - Black was strong before and only defended territory. While the White group was much stronger after the exchange, and endgamewise W7 and W9 are large as well.

xela: Do they really say that? I haven't heard it before. Anyway, comparing these three pages -- 4435 enclosure, FightingKoTheBook#diag1, 3-3 Point Method Dictionary -- it looks as though the result depends a lot on context. I'm guessing now that W3 might have been better at b. It would be nice to see more of the board, to judge how upset white will be if the white+circle stones suffer.

KGS 1d's at work...  

Let us make a ko!  

Tapir: At least without the black+circle-white+circle exchange earlier allowing a ko might even be better for black.

But can't Black resist? Not anymore after a  

Tapir: Though without the black+circle-white+circle exchange the damage to the white formation on the left can be quite big.

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