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The following position appeared in a handicap game between me and a friend in which I gave him three stones. -BlueWyvern

Thor vs. Yombo  

I think I'm a little bit ahead at this point, and decide to reduce his center. What would the best way to do this be? My attempt at a "best guess" reduction turned into a bit of a fiasco. (I feel obliged to point out that while I am writing this in a computer cluster, there is someone passed out on his keyboard next to me. :-)

Thor vs. Yombo, white screws up.  

This is what actually happened. It seems like a minor disaster for White.

Thor vs. Yombo  

White 1 goes so deep it seems to be asking for trouble. Finding the best move is beyond me, however. I might play a, b, c or d. Or something else.

HolIgor: At this particular moment I'd be mostly concerned with the life of the bottom group. It is a target for an enemy attack. So, my choice would be in strengthening this particular group. a tries to solve both problems, so it is most interesting.

And of course, the following moves are too big to miss.

Top first  

I bet the opponent would reply.

DaveSigaty: Regarding the bottom, I agree with HolIgor that the life/eye shape of the bottom group is a question. At the same time Black's bottom right group is also not secure.

Thor vs. Yombo  

Dave Should White start here? Now Black's group on the bottom does not have two eyes. If Black 2, can White play 3? If she does, I think that she needs an answer to 4. If White tries 9, Black 10 puts her on the spot.

Thor vs. Yombo  

If White answers submissively with 1, etc., is it good enough? If not...

Thor vs. Yombo  

Is something like this better? Dave

Dieter: White has >50 points and Black 45. But Black is far more powerful in the center. So it is time to acquire more power in the center, playing a in the earlier diagram. The territorial loss incurred, will be compensated for in the endgame. I think 1 here emphasizes the bottom, which is not interesting because open at both sides. White should delimit the center first (all this is opinion, of course).

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