BQM 374

    Keywords: EndGame, Life & Death, Question

TimK asks, in the solution main line of Kyu Exercise 75, whether W1 is better played at a?

unkx80: I think both moves are about the same.

Solution 1  

Dieter thinks: B1 is Black's sente. After W2, there remains a 1,5 gote.

Solution 2  

B1 is sente. White has one point more, Black too. In the solution diagram 1, White is perhaps more likely to capture B1 and cover the ko, so it is better by half a point. Now let the endgame beasts loose ...

Bill: Both positions leave plays worth 1 point miai. A difference game can help us compare the two. Let's set up mirror positions, with Black making the hanging connection in one position and White making the solid connection in the other.

Difference game, Black first  

Bill: If Black plays first, he wins.

Difference game, White first  

Bill: And if White plays first, she wins.

Bill: So which is better depends upon the rest of the board. (Note that the solid connection yields fewer ko threats.)

Another Black follow up  

Tapir: For Black B2 can work as ko threat as well, if it does it is better than the hane in solution 1. It threatens a ko at a.

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