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Hi! I'm Yogenzaga 7k on KGS, and in my last game, I played like this. I was black against a 6k opponent.

19x19 diagram  

I bet white should have chosen avalanche, but that's not my point. My point is that I played B3 on the side, making a mini-Chinese fuseki, and treated the two remaining corners as miai. Is the a reasonable strategy, or is it flawed somehow?

Anyway, responses are much appreciated! :)

Andy Pierce: I vote for "flawed", however, I think your opponent bails you out by playing W6 into a pre-existing pincer rather than making a nice shimari with a.


1) B3 in your game is not mini-chinese formation. Your move, B3 is wider extension from corner by one more line to be mini-chinese formation.

2) But, assuming that your B3 were placed at the right point to make mini chinese formation, Yes, it's a reasonable strategy.

3) And, your bet is right. white should've chosen avalanche.

Alex: For reference, this is what a mini-Chinese formation actually looks like:

19x19 diagram  

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