BQM 361

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tapir: Hello, this is the opening of a game I played recently. Both players are 3-4k KGS.

So far so common - 1-6  

Question 1: Looks quite usual to me, however in my very small database, after 6 black wins 66% of the games.


Seeing 1, I thought if you don't jump in the corner, I will take it. After 3 I felt obliged to answer, after 5 I felt like the game will be difficult. White has a big corner. Most dubious moves seem to be 2 and 4, but I can't really explain why. I don't feel happy with my corner. Giving away Sente and allowing 5 looks bad.

Bill: W2 seems passive. W4 is bad, because it makes B1 look good.

Question 2: How do you evaluate this position?


Bill: B1 invites the wedge, W2. Then B3 - W6 is fairly normal.

Question 3: What after Black 3-3 later?  

Black looks dead in the corner, though.

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