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how to continue?  

Andy Pierce: I've been experimenting with the severe 44 point double high approach, getting this position by transposition by opening on the 6-4 point, after which my opponents invariably take the 4-4 point. Joseki after the double approach for white is any of the a points, but how to continue effectively if white plays W4 here?

if the ladder works...  

If the ladder going southeast works for black, then after B3 white is in trouble. What if the ladder is broken?

ladder favors white  

Here's one possibility I came up with. It resembles the 5-4 point joseki shown below, except white gets more territory and black+circle looks strange, so I think black must be able to do better.

5-4 joseki  
6-4 noseki  

How to do better than this?

Possible continuation.  

unkx80: B5 and B7 is common. The corner is still somewhat open.

Possible continuation.  

Later, B1 is a tesuji that allows White to be sealed in.

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