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I'm looking to improve my reading...drastically. Serious study of problems is the remedy. I am ~5k, atm.

I would greatly appreciate some ideas for books to get to improve reading + methods of obtaining those books. Preferably, by ordering those books, I will not be giving my id to thieves around the world. Thanks! ^.;;Y

Bill: Let me recommend 囲碁の力を強くする本 (The Book to Increase Your Fighting Strength at Go), by Segoe, in two volumes. I bought the book when I was 2 kyu. It is a modern classic. Segoe divides the problems into classes A, B, and C. The A problems are quite difficult, but you should find the B and C problems appropriate to your level. The problems typically involve not only tesuji but also long paths to the solution. That makes them good for reading practice.

You can order the book from [ext] Amazon, Japan.

Lynx: How much is that in US dollars? :P

Bill: The two volumes are 2100 yen each. What's the exchange rate?

Thad: A book I recommend as a general guide to improving your ability to do combinatorial analysis ( reading ability )is "Think Like a Grandmaster" by Aleksander Kotov (IIRC ). Yes it is about chess, but the same basic techniques apply to all games.

Bill: That's a good book, and the advice on reading is not specific to chess.

Lynx: On ordering the 2 Segoe books, how much can I expect for the speedier shipping? The website doesn't list a price, and I don't want to give information until I know it.

Bill: I am in California, and the books I order from Amazon, Japan always arrive much earlier than they say it takes. I never pay extra for shipping. You can compare shipping costs at checkout.

Lynx: Oh, ok, great :). So how long is this around?

Lynx: What books are good after one finishes 95% of the Segoe work?

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