BQM 299

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Table of diagrams
BQM299 Original Diagram
BQM299 Original Diagram (continuation 1)
BQM299 Original Diagram (continuation 2)
[unkx80]'s suggestion
[Bill]'s suggestion
Earlier Play

BQM299 Original Diagram  

Here: Where for W? Is high approach good? And... if...

BQM299 Original Diagram (continuation 1)  

Where for W? If...

BQM299 Original Diagram (continuation 2)  


unkx80's suggestion  

unkx80: To answer your first two questions, W1 and W3 seems okay to me. I think B4 is not a good move, so my answer to your third question is that W5 and W7 suffices to separate the Black stones, which I think is a pretty good result for White.

Bill's suggestion  

Bill: I think that the knight's approach is appropriate here, because black+circle must develop in the direction of White's strength.

Earlier Play  

Bill: Earlier, though, I do not like W1, as it does not seem to work with white+circle.

dnerra: I think W1 is entirely normal, denying Black the Kobayashi formation. Modern fuseki thinking (esp. Korean) treats hoshi stone a little differently than Takemiya.

Velobici: It is not clear to me that the White pincer of W1 is correct direction of play. The Kobayashi Opening article in Go World 87, shows White responding to the Black approach of black+circle with a play at b. A Dictionary of Modern Fuseki The Korean Style, Pattern 45 The Kobayashi Opening shows two choices for W1, to play at the location of B10 or at a. Charles Matthews Fuseki On Your Side shows three White responses to the Black approach at black+circle, these are plays at b, at the location of B10, and at a. These are discussed in several articles (parts) in the series (e.g. 15, 18, 20 and 22).

The Korean Style: Korean Joseki Innovations, a recent series of articles in Go World, does discusses the position with the lower right Black stone at c, then the series takes the White response at the point of B10 to the Black approach of black+circle as a given. A Dictionary of Modern Fuseki The Korean Style, Pattern 39 The One-Space Pincer discusses W1 when the lower right Black stone is at c. The english translation of Rin Kaiho's Dictionary of Basic Fuseki does not contain the Black approach of black+circle as a theme diagram, rather Black plays at a (page 220). Fuseki on Your Side part 3 discusses W1 (briefly) when the Black stone in the lower right is on the star point.

A game database search is in order.

Bill: When I made my original comment, I only said that I did not like W1. I was aware that it might appear in professional play. After dnerra's comment I checked on GoBase, and indeed it does -- at least once by Takemiya! ;-)

Lynx: Thanks for the input! I'm quite contraian, hence the pincer, but I guess being more polite is the better, more played route ^^.

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