BQM 283

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Black to play  

Can Black live?


Vincent: B9 at B1. Ko.

zinger: How about B7 at a?

Vincent: Ohhh! Even better!

Minue622: W would play W8 instead of W6, then B can not avoid Ko as we can see in below diagram.

My sequence.  

Minue622: This is my sequence for b's life without ko. After B5, if white plays a, then black b. After black b, white will play c, then black plays d.


sanxiyn?: B1 doesn't look good?

zinger: Next B9 below W6.

6 at 3  

Not seeing the problem with B1.

LukeNine45: If W6 at B7, it gets complicated and looks ko-ish... (?)

8 at 3  

No ko as far as I can tell. a and b are miai. if W8 at B9, c sets up a basic connect and die.

8 at 3  

Minue: white playes W6, not at a. So with W6, ko in this corner.

erislover: thanks Minue

Hit on the head  

willemien:: how about this one? after B3 a and b are miai

it is a horrible shape but it seems to work...

(so sorry Tapir it is still a living group)

folow up after W4 at a  

This is the continuation after W4 at a it is a bit tricky but after this continuation (W8 at W2) c and d are miai.

See Also: BQM283A

BQM283a - Status?  


  • 1) Status?
  • 2) Differences to BQM283 (in which W1 is played at a)?

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