BQM 221

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Common Invasion/reduction sequence  
Common Invasion/reduction sequence 2  

This sequence is from Yang Yilun's The Fundamental Principles of Go, and it seems like a reasonable reduction since the marked stone is greatly weakened. However, when played against a large knight's enclosure...

Common Invasion/reduction sequence  

He lists B4 as the proper move. I can see that white has adequate resources after this.

My question  

However, this implies that white can get a better result if black plays in this way.

My question 2  

If white follows the same sequence, the circled stone is farther away, and ends up attacking white rather than getting weakened. How should white play then to take advantage of the squared stone?

-- Shaydwyrm

My answer 2  

Bill: If the ladder works, White can play W1 - W3, threatening W4 or W5.

The cut  

Dieter: I think the question is: can W1 cut?

The cut - var 1  

In this variation, White gets a forcing sequence with W5, W7 and W9, before protecting at a (b?) and stabilize rather easily in the corner.

The cut - var 1a  

Bill: I kind of like W1. :-) Play might continue as in this diagram.

The cut - var 2  

This variation looks more dangerous ... but for whom?

The cut - var 2.1  
The cut - var 2.2  

I think B1 fails.

The cut - var 2.3  

B1 here also doesn't look very healthy.

Common Invasion/reduction sequence  

The cut at W1 miserably fails when black+circle is one line closer as in this diagram.

Dieter: I'm going to reread now.

Shaydwyrm: Thanks for your insight! I can find no fault in your reading as yet, you have been very comprehensive.

Common Invasion/reduction sequence  

This is, unfortunately, the move I had overlooked originally...

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