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I've seen this shape in many high dan ( amateur ) games. It is basically a bamboo joint with one side extended.

To me it seems to bad, the extension being superfluous. Yet it appears often enough that I had to ask.

End position  

Alex Weldon: You need to give us some context. Shape is not a static thing - what might be bad shape in most contexts can be good in others. If you provide an example of a situation in which it appeared, then we can discuss it.

Mef: While I'm not sure when exactly you're thinking of, one place I know I see it is to avoid the Crane's Nest Tesuji. Something like this:

Black Avoids capture  

Bob McGuigan: This shape occurs in different joseki, for example:

Start of a joseki  

In this case the shape arises naturally, and this depends on the white stones around it. There are different continuations after this, depending on the whole board position.

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