BQM 158

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Chris Hayashida: I have lots of trouble in the middlegame. I played Black. I felt that I came out ahead after the opening and had lots of power. White had to take gote to make life at the top.

What should I do now?

What now?  

The marked white stones are weak, and Black has a lot of influence. I played against the left side, but I'm not sure it was the best idea. Would playing on the right have been better? I am seriously confused. If someone could post a possible line of play, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Rich: Something like this looks good to me, although I'm sure there are better lines of play.


White can't really pincer B3, as the influence she gains from the corner invasion can be offset by attacking the top. With black's influence, she seems obliged to keep the corner. Black also has a splitting attack around 'a' to look forward to.

Large scale attack  

Bill: The right side looks big to me, and B1 feels right. If W2, B3 attacks white+circle on a large scale. Because of black+circle you do not want to attack white+circle too closely. It would be too easy to throw it away.

Large scale attack, boshi reply  

Bill: W2 looks interesting. :-) Now maybe B3, pretty well forcing W4, and then a double kakari with B5. Now we have a complicated fight, but thickness favors fighting.

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