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double Kakari Variation  

I guess, W8 can't be too good, but how is black supposed to handle it? Was B7 o.k.? (It is supposed somewhere, that black might even tenuki, but let's assume, she want's to answer locally.) Should she simpla connect at a now?

DJ: My feeling is that B7 in the diagram above doesn't appeal to me... W8 may smack of greediness, but it could turn out an effective play.
Bearing in mind that I'm only a 2k, I'd rather play B7 as in the diagram below. I'm not sure whether this is an old joseki, and I do not follow joseki much anyway...

Alex Weldon: Yes, this is joseki.

double Kakari Variation, osae?  

Andrew Grant: The joseki has W6 extending one space further.

double Kakari Variation, osae  

The continuation to 9 follows.

double Kakari Variation  

Joonas Tyystjarvi: I don't think a in the first diagram is very good, and instead black should play B1 to prevent white from settling there. I think something like this might follow (but I'm just 2k too, probably someone has better ideas). Note that if W2 at B3, black can play B3 at W2, sacrificing the two stones.

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