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Beginner question:

What is the fastest way to make a living group?

It looks like a simple question, but (I think) it is not.

Trying to clarify:

First: What is a living group? If somebody (say black) plays at san-san as a first move in the corner (even as a second, under hoshi), there is (as far as I know) no way for white to prevent black from living there, if black really wants to. So, augmenting the question, let's say miai for two eyes will do.

Second: It is not really about go but about this game: Black tries to make a live group (at the cost of the rest of the board if necessary) in as few moves as possible, white tries to postpone that (at the cost of the rest of the board if necessary) as long as possible.

Third: There is more to it. Once answered for the empty board (first move at san-san ?) the question expands to: but what about the side (base)? what about ... ?

See also BQM 14

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