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I a recent game, my opponent (playing white) boldly invaded my seemingly secure corner:

A recent game position  

In the game (and even now) I could not find a way for black to get away without damage (see below for my attempt in the game).

So my question is: Can anyone see a better way for black to handle the invasion or is it already too late?

Diagram 1: Failed attempt to kill  


How about this?  

I think this is what would happen after your variation... white looks pretty live to me =(


This kills white (as far as I can tell). -Jesse

failed attempt - continuation from Diagram 1  

In the end (after some more mistakes) I lost by 1.5 points...

This maybe?  

Hikaru79: I think black playing the 3-3 point is vital (clamp). Because of black's surrounding stones, white can't connect W1 back to her stones on the right. I think this was the way to play. (Eagerly awaiting to be proven wrong)

Another possibility  

ChrisSchack: I think this is ko for life. Note, however, that White's right side is seriously damaged by this, whichever way it goes.

Attempt to kill outright  

Charles I don't find white+circle a very credible invasion. I'd be tempted to play B1, and to kill White on the largest possible scale.

outright kill continued  

Klaus: Charles is surely right. white+circle looks like a horrible overplay to me. We "lesser players" should try to find a plausible killing sequence after W2. (which Charles should not provide yet, we want to have our fun first!)

Outright kill executed  

This variation seems reasonable to me.

No ko!  

Klaus: black+circle Threatens to play at W1, which would make a a false eye, and reduce the eyespace too much for white to live.

After this sequence, c and b are miami (miai) to kill[1], even if white had already connected the ko.

Another variation  

White can get at most a dead LGroup. MK

Klaus: I tried to post the same sequences, some seconds after you, so I just added my unnecessary explanations.

[1] "Miami to kill" is a wonderful typo. ;-) --Bill

I hate that city! --Klaus

Life may not be a beach: perhaps go is. Charles

And typos are a vice Zook

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