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I started playing Go some years ago (in 1995) and have become an addict within some months. Actually I first saw Go ten years earlier and even played some games - well I shouldn't call it playing, because we both didn't know the rules, basics of life and death, or anything else :o)

But I've made astonishing progress and can distinguish between black and white stones, which makes me an 1dan here in Austria. I wish I could distinguish between good and bad moves, but I would have to be of pro strength, I reckon. As I can't contribute with my knowledge about Go I contribute in other areas:

and some other things not worth mentioning.

I can be reached at [email]


My Go related bookmarks:

[ext] : Web Go Page Index (Ken Warkentyne)
[ext] : Go, an Addictive Game (Jan van der Steen)
[ext] : Tsumego (Minoru Harada)
[ext] : Go Data Base (Noriaki Inoue)
[ext] : Igo Rules (Robert Jasiek)
[ext] : Go World News (Kiseido)
[ext] : Go Bibliography (David Carlton)
[ext] : European Go Cultural Centre
[ext] : Alex Cieply's (European ratings)
[ext] : Schaak en Go winkel het Paard
[ext] : Jean-loup (together we managed the GTL)
[ext] : Martin Gomilschak (the BIG M)
[ext] : wms (cgoban)
[ext] : Sango (worth a visit!)
[ext] : David Mechner (see his "How to improve")
The mighty NNGS bunch
no link :o( for vida
[ext] : schorsch
[ext] : mbear
[ext] : terri
[ext] : tromp

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