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Of particular interest perhaps is the [ext] Biggest Wiki page. As of November 18, 2002, SL ranked 11th among known (public?) sites in the world. Note that four of the ten larger sites are different language versions of Wikipedia. Among more specialized sites, SL is right up there! Well done all. -- Dave Sigaty

Additionally, SL is climbing, up from 13th to 11th in only three and a half months. Congratulations!

September 2021 update

bugcat: Sensei's is at #10 in the modern list of the sizes of non-Wikipedia wikis, which (ironically?) is hosted and maintained by Wikipedia at [ext]

I couldn't find a number for how many articles Wikipedia as a whole multilingual project has. I think it's somewhere above 20,000,000.

The ranking, as of the start of this month, runs

1. Baidu Baike (Chinese), 24,000,000. Note that Chinese Wikipedia is banned on the mainland.
2. Baike (Chinese), 18,000,000

3. Handwiki (English), 960,000. This is a very young wiki (2019) with "articles on science, technology and computing".
4. Namuwiki (Korean), 940,000. Namu's coverage of Korean professionals can be better than on Sensei's, but it's ofc in Korean. Also pretty young, est. 2015.

5. Doopedia (Korean), 580,000. Might also have some good Go content.
6. TV Tropes (English), 560,000

7. TWiki, 150,000. Some kind of dry site for corporate logistics.
8. LocalWiki, 137,000. A wiki for local news.

9. WikiWikiWeb, 37,000. The great original.
10. Sensei's Library, 24,000.

Note that the "fairly consistent ratio of 1.3 to 1.4" of 12 years ago no longer exists, and has been replaced by five bands.

These have the rough interband ratios 19:1, 1.6:1, 3.7:1, 3.7:1.

Feb 2009 update

AKarley : Currently still in the #7 position. Just as a footnote, in the list at this time, excluding the Chinese "Baidu" wiki (the #1 in the list), the difference between adjacent sites is a fairly consistent ratio of 1.3 to 1.4 , so to increase in rank Sensei needs to add almost 8000 more pages.

March 28 2007

Imagist: It has been a long time since anybody looked at this page! Sensei's is now number seven on the list.

Arno: not counting Wikipedia and websites that are not really wikis (i.e. use wiki technology but have no community, e.g. richdex) we are among the top 50. Now if we only could get to 50000 pages we'd be among the top 10 :o)

January 11 2003

Charles Matthews The latest [ext] Biggest Wiki update shows SL holding its position at 11th, in the face of competition from encyclopedic wikis in various languages.

May 21 2003

Charles In the latest [ext] Biggest Wiki update SL is lying at number 15.

Arno: place 6, not counting the various WikiPedia sites.

Charles Good argument! After all, if you read [ext], you would think that Wikipedia pages in all languages are really part of one project: one 'site' consisting of a number of 'wiki' areas (partitions of name space).

August 2 2003

Charles According to [ext], SL is holding its place at number 15.

January 8 2005

Boily SL ranks 9th.

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