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To add a new page to Sensei's Library just create a link to it from an existing page. All you have to do is come up with a meaningful title, capitalise all the words and StringThemTogetherLikeThis? - write this into the page from which you would like to link. Wiki automagically recognizes it as a hyperlink. Alternatively, you can put your Wiki page name in square brackets?. This allows separating words with spaces in order to make the link more readable.

Then you can go ahead and ClickTheQuestionMark? at the end of your new hyperlink, and the Wiki will give you a window for making the new page.

You can use numbers in a WikiName as well.

If you wish to add documents with complex markup to SL, you might be better off providing a URL to it than trying to add the text of the document here, like so:

PhpWiki project homepage: [ext]

This Wiki does not support HTML tags (see TextFormattingRules). <tags>They will just render like text.</tags> Wiki is meant to be as simple as possible to encourage use.

! Oops Added a page you didn't want to add? Look at Deleting Pages.

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