6-4 point josekis

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Work in progress

The 6-4 point  
  • a to c are viable ideas, d looks vulgar, e is an idea to transpose into the small avalanche.

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A genuine joseki

A real 6-4 point joseki  

White's approach W1 here gives a position that is characteristic of the 6-4 point, rather than a tenuki joseki. It is also by far the most common answer. Second most common is W1 at a: others are not really seen in professional play.

Black b next is most usual and Black c is known. Black at d or e to pincer have been played by Yamashita Keigo and others.

A standard line  

This line has appeared in enough pro games to be recognisable as a joseki in the making. At B5 the choice is between a and b.


If Black connects with B1, both players establish a position up to W4, after which Black can choose between B5, B7 and tenuki.


With B1, Black opts for influence, granting White the corner. After W6, Black can play tenuki or play honte at a, a solid but slow move.

Note: The only games in my collection where B1 is played are very old, from ~1940. This is not the case for the previous diagram, which seems to have been popular in China in the first half of the 1990s.

Joseki similar to common (tenuki) joseki


When white enters on the 4-4 point, B3 gives a conversion to the severe 44 point double high approach.


B3 gives a conversion to a common joseki, which can be reached through Black at B3, White at W2, Black B1. The next move is White a: see 3-4 point high approach, keima

3-4 kakari  

The play at c

some lines given by kogo joseki and non-joseki database...

kogos calls this joseki... looks better for black though  
than this (comparison)  
but only this happens in pro games  

e.g. kitani minoru vs sekiyama riichi 1935-02-01

Not joseki

Not joseki part 1  
Not joseki part 2  

The 8 points white gets in gote is worth far less than the influence black gets.

tapir: btw. eidogo (i don't have access to some bigger database right now) has a game between choi cheolhan and lee seongjae featuring B1 at 6-4, W2 5-3 but then black attaches on the second line :)

Attachment at e

The 6-4 point  

This way, it reverts to the small avalanche joseki.

emeraldemon: Gan Siyang Seems never to play this way, prefering (no surprise) to go for influence:

Recent pro play  

See [ext] http://www.go4go.net/go/games/sgfview/41645 [ext] http://www.go4go.net/go/games/sgfview/41718

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