4-4 point low approach, high extension, invasion

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4-4 point low approach, high extension, invasion  

White has three standard answers to deal with the invasion: contain B1 immediately by attaching at a, or reinforce first by attaching at b or, as surfaced from the AI revolution by forcing at c.

Other options to investigate are d, attacking B1, e dodging the invastion and f jumping out.

Attach and contain

Wedge and settle  

The wedge variation usually results in White influence, while Black will settle at the , by continuing to push or jump at some point, depending on stones present to the right.

Wedge and ladder issue  

White can also atari from below, resulting in a variation which can result in ko at W10 and ladder at a.

Attach and take corner


This attachment turns into a variation of the 4-4 point, low approach. With the marked stones present, White may choose to take the corner at W7 instead of connecting at B10.



Forcing with W1 is an AI novelty. We get a wedge variation next.



Aside from local responses, immediately seeking compensation in the corner is possible. However, Black may turn here and confine White into the corner, especially if Black has a stone at the circled spot. After B8, White's marked stone is oddly placed.

In pro games


From Lee Sedol's Go invasion et reduction: White can live in Black's moyo.

AI move  

When analyzing this position, LZ prefers W4 here, taking the corner and some centre influence in sente to then play W10.

Clamping and sacrifice tactics  

From Takagi Kato invasion clamp and sacrifice

AI likes sente  

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