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Charles Matthews By the way, Black left an incomplete formation:

Shape point  

B1 here is compulsory - see bulge.

Shape point, continued  

Charles So I think W2 is probably correct next, and then B3 is at least very logical. One can then ask about White's subsequent invasion at a. I would say that is too deep, now. Black could try to kill it. A white shoulderhit at b, for example, is a more reasonable way.

White sagari  

Bill: It's hard to say too much without seeing the rest of the board, but W2 may be a good idea. Also, black+circle looks clearly misplaced.

Charles Here Black might next look at playing a. Since the value of plays in the centre is to do with the large-scale picture, it is as Bill says: not enough context to be close to conclusive.


JoelR: I presume this is the sequence leading to the BQM. If B2 ends up misplaced, then what should change? It looks to be a valid answer to W1. Is B4 on the wrong side? Having a horizontal wall separating W1 from W3 doesn't seem to work well with Black's upper right. See 4-4 point low approach, high extension, invasion

Bob McGuigan: I think B4 above is a mistake. White gets too much territory in the corner. If Black wants to defend the top side I would expect something like this (as shown on the main page):

a different way to block  

White's territory in the corner is less than in the game position. But whether it makes sense to block this way depends on the whole board position and that on the left side particularly.

Alex: Yeah, the point is that, even if Black wants to block off the top eventually (with B6 here instead of at a), making the B4/W5 exchange first gives White less territory and makes Black's stones slightly more coordinated, although B2 is still too close. So, why does White play W5 and allow Black to block off the top side after all? Because B2 gives Black enough support that he can hane at W9 instead of playing b, so White will have shape problems.

Charles Certainly this B4 is correct. I was interested to see in pro games that W3 is not played (W3 at W5 is the common play here). Invading at 3-3 makes Black very solid on the left, in this line. That in turn makes Black's enclosure look even better.

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