3483 enclosure

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3483 enclosure  

This move is often part of the micro Chinese opening.

If White wants to play here, at a looks to be a good idea (compared to b, anyway: see 3-4 point low approach two-space low pincer tenuki for that). The reason is that according to the missing pincer page, the black stone on the side won't be as well placed.

Trying tenuki  

This occurred (with White 3 tenuki) in a 1942 Oteai game Sekiyama Riichi-Takagawa Kaku; giving us therefore by transposition a missing pincer tenuki variation.

White struggles  

White had trouble making sabaki here (Black a, White b, Black c followed). This was Sekiyama at the height of his powers.

Compare staircase sabaki technique.

A third try  

White could also try invading at W1 (see this position at 3-4 point distant low approach, one-space low pincer, tenuki). This has been tried by Qian Yuping.

A fourth try  

This position can also be recognised, from 3-4 point distant high approach, one-space low pincer, tenuki.

Charles Matthews

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