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[ext] 42 is the The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything but apparently not joseki. How to answer correctly?

4-2 reply  

4-2 reply, var. 1  

Bill: This looks good for White. Playing more strongly as Black, for instance, B6 at a, seems problematic because of the weakness around B2.

The 3-3 point invasion  

Another odd response to the 3-3 invasion.

This happened in a blind go game with a much weaker opponent. For some reason, the 2-2 ended up living. I'm sure this is not joseki, or even reasonable. I've played through a few results, but I'd like some advice from some stronger players. what result should either side expect?

Charles White can get a good result without trying hard to capture B2.

Continuation (i)  

For example, if W1 here then the exchange B2/W3 is very bad for Black (see small gap). Even if Black lives black+square will be useless.

Continuation (ii)  

So it should be B2, W3 here, I guess. Now Black chooses a side to block, but has some difficulty making convincing shape. Maybe now Black a, White b.

On the other hand, perhaps White should treat black+circle as an out-and-out mistake.

Continuation (iii)  

If W1, B2 is the class play. But not a great deal Black can now do about W3.

Variation 2  

Bill: As White I would not worry about black+circle living. It can't live big. ;-)

With B2 and B4 Black threatens to save black+circle. If W5 at W6, Black can play the two step hane with B5 - Wa, Bb.

If B4 at B5, W4.

W7 is big.

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