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Unkx80: (moved) Purpose of this page? (2006-09-18 13:10) [#2196]

(moved from Essential Go Terms / Discussion)

Hicham: What is a "standard Go Term"? One that is widespread? What are the criteria for a term to be put on this list?

Velobici: Good questions! We have Chinese Go Terms, Japanese Go Terms, Korean Go Terms. The list at Standard Go Terms is rather incomplete and a strange mixture of English and Japanese. Tedomari, for instance, is a Japanese term that is not widely used in English, but is known and used? by some English speaking go players.

Is this page supposed to be English Go Terms?

Bob McGuigan: I also wonder what "standard" means. Apparently the original author thought it would be useful to have a listing of go terms in one place. But the search feature of SL makes it possible to find definitions of go terms without having a page that is simply a list.

Velobici: We have a number (many?) lists of terms. Perhaps we should make Standard Go Terms an alias for Go Terms?

unkx80: I suspect by "standard", he meant a list of common Go terms. More specifically, I think that a player who is starting to learn Go will get to encounter a number of these "standard" terms pretty soon in his or her learning path. However, I agree that tedomari is pretty much an exception.

Velobici: hmmm...perhaps Basic Go Terms? or Essential Go Terms. Or to play a common UNIX joke...YALOGT...Yet Another List of Go Terms??

Bill: While I am generally leery of too aggressive editing, this is just a list of go terms that one person considers standard. He does not identify himself, nor say why these terms are standard, or should be considered as such. Besides, the page title invites disagreement and argument that is unlikely to be fruitful. I would be happy to see the page become an alias or be deleted.

unkx80: Yes, I forgot the existance of essential go terms. I agree totally with "Yet Another...". Before that I thought this list was meant to serve some niche needs. Now I thought it would be good to merge with some other list.

author?: This list was intended to give people on KGS who continually ask 'what does X mean?' a place to go. I like the Go Terms page, but also like the longer definitions here. The alias from common go terms is a good idea.

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