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OscarBear: Archive of Old Talk (2017-02-02 11:33) [#10893]

One way to avoid cheaters at yahoo: don't begin a timed game. Cheaters at yahoo use the bad programming of the server. -- RueLue

One way to cheat on yahoo is in the counting phase. If your opponet plays the last move, time keeps going for him, and if the game outcome is not agreed on before his time runs out he will lose.

Anonymous - While it might be overrun with sandbaggers, I have more than once enjoyed playing players much stronger than me on it. It works in your favour if you think about it :)

DeathWind: Horrible place to play go! D:

timan72: Yahoo! Go is the only place where I have found other weak players to play with so far. Does anybody know a better place?

Zarlan: KGS ...or any other Go server. I recommend KGS, personally.
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