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reply Writing go articles (2013-09-01 12:04) [#9838]

Zengarden I am planning to write a series of articles on Go history but wonder which is the best programme to use, especially in terms of editing diagrams? Does anyone have recommendations?

PeterHB: Re: Writing go articles (2013-09-02 00:08) [#9839]

My concept of best is not necessarily your concept of best. Best in this case is subject to personal bias.

My personal preference is SmartGo, but I would suggest you also look at GoWrite and Drago.

There is a wider selection at GoEditingPrograms. Re: Writing go articles (2013-09-02 05:48) [#9840]

There is also a possibly incomplete list at Go Printing Software.

If the articles are for Sensei's Library, you can just use the inline markup thing as per help.

TheBigH: ((no subject)) (2013-09-03 06:45) [#9841]

Also check out Go Typesetting.

reply ((no subject)) (2013-09-03 21:18) [#9842]

Zengarden Many thanks, each of you, for these helpful and quick responses. I will try these programmes out. Maybe there ought to be a detailed SL article on the various Go writing software available, discussing their respective advantages and disadvantages? It might be an idea for those who have written Go materials to do this?

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