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This section should include all resources related with typesetting Go boards using different tools. It is especially dedicated with publicly available tools to typeset Go boards and games in LaTeX.

  • [ext] psgo The PSGo package provides functionality to draw Go diagrams with LaTeX. It is built on top of the PSTricks package. As PSTricks is included in the standard LaTeX distribution, this should not be a portability problem. By default the y direction is scaled 1.115 with regards to the x-direction. This is of course possible to override. Ubuntu users finds it included in the package texlive-games. Latest version is 0.17 from september 2008.
  • [ext] igo LaTeX package for nice typesetting. Latest version is 0.62 from january 2007.
  • [ext] sgf2dg, by Daniel Bump and Reid Augustin is a rewrite of sgf2tex. It produces diagrams in TeX, ASCII, Postscript, PDF and Metapost. The obsolete sgf2tex can also be found on the same page. Ubuntu users finds the package in Universe. Latest version is 4.211 from July 2007. The program outputs pictures of boards that are perfectly square.
  • GoDiag is a extension module for [ext] Lout (a Postscript-based typesetting system comparable to LaTeX) to create Go diagrams. It uses a markup language similar to the one used here on Sensei's Library.
  • [ext] Alpine Fonts provides a set of truetype fonts for many games, including Go. These are NOT free. This is not an endorsement, and I'm not even a customer. It's just something I ran across at one point. - Remillard
  • [ext] GoSVG: convert XML representations of Go games into [ext] SVG. Some SGF can be converted too.
  • [ext] SGF2print : A useful tool to create instant printable diagrams of your SGF files or LittleGolem move sequences. Works for all board sizes, handicap stones and pre-setup boards. Displays most game information as well.
  • gofigs freeware go diagram program
  • SmartGo can create EPS and PDF book-quality diagrams.
  • [ext] GOWrite can create EPS, SVG and WMF book-quality diagrams.
  • A nice overview can be seen on [ext] Kashomon's GitHub repository

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