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tapir: joseki template (2013-05-26 12:09) [#9667]

removing joseki template produces errors on almost all second level joseki pages (i.e. not the joseki page, but 33 point josekis, 44 point josekis) it was only a short harmless reference to the board search as the main tool to navigate joseki pages that could well afford being an orphan. alternatively we can remove all the instances that use the template and replace or not with simple text.

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2013-05-26 12:31) [#9668]

I apologize! It was "unreachable" from the frontpage so I saw no harm.

tapir: ((no subject)) (2013-07-24 22:38) [#9799]

You did it again.

Dieter: Re: ((no subject)) (2013-07-25 11:12) [#9802]

Thank you. Why is this the only template that is not linked? What's the usage of it? It's so obscure.

I've recreated it. I checked a few joseki pages and there seems to be no broken link anymore.

Sorry but I don't get this template so I keep forgetting it should be there.

tapir: Re: ((no subject)) (2014-04-22 19:03) [#10063]

Well, I removed it for good a while ago. Can't deny I was a bit exasperated at the time that you not only removed it twice, but even "restored" it empty. It used to contain the note in all second level joseki pages, that the board search is likely the best way to navigate joseki pages.

Cheers tapir.

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