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Language knowledge of SL deshis [#1693]

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tapir: Language knowledge of SL deshis (2009-01-06 13:08) [#5559]

We had some Wikipedia discussion these days, in Wikipedia there are those awful bumperstickers on homepages. But one of them is really useful -> the babel template. While I don't promote copying it here, it would be helpful to know who knows what.

So, to introduce me:

Tapir:German, Turkish, English

tderz: ((no subject)) (2009-01-06 16:51) [#5571]

tderz: [ext] German, English, Dutch, French, intermediate Chinese, but when does one qualify for 'deshi'?

HermanHiddema: Re: ((no subject)) (2009-01-06 16:57) [#5572]

See Deshi :-)

HermanHiddema: ((no subject)) (2009-01-06 16:57) [#5573]

Dutch, English, some German, some French.

PeterHB: Just English for me, unfortunately. (2009-01-06 16:58) [#5574]

You qualify as a Deshi when you choose to promote yourself by selecting the option in your user preferences. The joy of the open wiki approach.

tderz: ((no subject)) (2009-01-07 07:40) [#5582]

Herman, thank you for your answer.
I read that non-definition there and are still clueless after the first part, while I do not fall into the compulsive part of the phenomical (wrong word?) definition.

Bill's definition is funny and encompasses us all.

According to PeterHB (thank you) it is a self-promotion.

HermanHiddema: Re: ((no subject)) (2009-01-07 10:13) [#5586]

I think that basically, any regular user is a deshi. And although they are often Recent Changes Junkies who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Wiki Editing Disorder, this is not always the case :-)

I think you're enough of a regular user to be a deshi :-)

Unkx80: ((no subject)) (2009-01-07 07:56) [#5583]

English and Chinese for me.

willemien: Dutch (native) and English UK (2009-01-07 12:38) [#5590]

Willemien can read German as well. But Japanese and Korean are Chinese to me :)

fractic: ((no subject)) (2009-01-07 13:14) [#5591]

Dutch and English for me. I can understand a bit of German but not speak or write it.

reply ((no subject)) (2009-01-07 15:21) [#5595]

Bob McGuigan: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Russian. At different levels of fluency.

reply ((no subject)) (2010-01-19 23:03) [#7052]

Phelan: Portuguese, English, and a bit of Spanish and French.

reply great idea! (2010-01-20 16:45) [#7074]

RueLue: english, german, a bit of french

reply Dieter's languages (2010-01-20 17:41) [#7075]
  • Dutch: mother tongue
  • French: fluent
  • English: fluent
  • Portuguese: rather rusty nowadays
  • Spanish: read
  • German: read
kb: ((no subject)) (2010-01-20 21:04) [#7076]

Interesting topic!

English and Chinese fluently for me. Possibly competent in Spanish (I can read it).

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