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willemien: problem collections (2008-12-22 01:05) [#5420]

willemien Just found out that in Sensei's Library there are many Go problem collections. (just problems that occured in daily go games?)

and maybe more

What are the guidelines for where to post a problem? Or should we make them?

and can we make a list of all collections?

fractic: Re: problem collections (2008-12-22 01:07) [#5421]

and can we make a list of all collections?

We've already got that, see problems and exercises.

reply SL is fun to wander through too. (2008-12-22 01:28) [#5422]

Senseis Library is open to everyone to share their Go ideas quite freely. There may be style protocols on layout and linkage to pages... but people will always put good ideas in obscure places. It's just the nature of the beast.

But then there is much to find on Senseis if you can be bothered browsing through the immense number of pages to find those lost Gems of insight. Call it serendipity. (Which is why RandomPage? junkies exist in addition to RecentUpdate? junkies).

HermanHiddema: ((no subject)) (2008-12-22 13:17) [#5423]

Hmm, I would say, as a general guideline:

  • If you have a question about a position you want answered, put it in BQM (eg: How should I continue when my opponent played move X)
  • If you have any other question, put it in Quick Questions (eg: Where do I buy book X)
  • If you have a neat tsumego from one of your games, where you (think you) know the answer and want to share, put it in TsumeGo from Games (eg: This position cam up in my game, see if you can find how to kill it)
  • If you have a tsumego, but not from a game (because someone showed it to you at a club night, for example), and don't know where it is from, put it in Random Tsume Go (eg: Person X showed me this neat tsumego last night, here it is)

Those are not hard guidelines by the way, just my interpretation of the difference between these pages.

And content may in fact move between these pages. For example, you might have a complicated corner situation you put on BQM. Then when some stronger players show that there is a way you could've killed the corner, you can put the situation in Tsumego from games (whereas, if they determine the corner is alive no matter what you do, there would be no point to put it there).

Unkx80: No hard and fast rules (2008-12-22 20:33) [#5425]

Herman has already described some guidelines.

Basically, I see the titles of problems and exercises as a guideline. As an occasional problem composer, I usually just post problems in beginner exercises, kyu exercises or random tsumego depending on the perceived difficulty of the problem. Of course, assuming you are not asking a question but posting a problem which you already know the answers, you can also post problems in specialized categories such as capturing race exercises and ladder exercises. It depends on your objective in posting the problem.

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