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bug in diagram code? [#1426]

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fractic: bug in diagram code? (2008-06-14 17:39) [#4769]

I changed the diagram code for the second diagrom so that it should display numbers 11-20. But they still show 1-6.

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2008-06-14 17:55) [#4770]

I fixed it, but don't know how. Here's what I did

  • reedited first diagram to Bm11: did not work
  • tried flushing the cash: still nothing
  • tried Bm11 in sandbox worked
  • changed second diagram to Bm11: worked
  • changed first diagram to Bm13 worked
  • changed first diagram to Bm11: worked


HermanHiddema: Re: ((no subject)) (2008-06-14 18:05) [#4771]

If you change the diagram to Bm11, but change nothing in the diagram itself, the gowiki software does not notice that the image needs to change.

Diagrams on Sensei's only get generated once, and the gowiki software keeps track of the generated diagrams by doing some sort of hash function over the position on the board, and only makes a new diagram is that hash changes after an edit.

Apparently the code that determines whether it needs to generate a new diagram does not scan the first line of the diagram code, which used to be sensible before the mXX option, as otherwise it would needlessly generate the same diagram every time anyone changed the caption text.

For a quick fix, I think you can add an a or similar to the diagram, and it will be regenerated, then change it back and it will be regenerated again.

ArnoHollosi: does take first line into account (2008-06-14 18:37) [#4772]

Herman, GoWiki does take the first line into account: it looks at the side to play, the move number to start, whether board coordinates should be shown and the board size. I have tests in place that confirm this :o)

So changing the move number should create a new diagram.

If someone can reproduce the problem, please let me know.

HermanHiddema: Re: does take first line into account (2008-06-14 18:49) [#4773]

Was that introduced recently, or has it always been like that? I have run into this several times over the pas year, but never bothered to file a bug report because it was so easy to fix. I'll try and see if I can still reproduce it :-)

EDIT: Ok, I can't reproduce it now. Last time I saw this behaviour was when I added an extra diagram to ChoChikunKatoMasao14thJudan1975TripleKo. I forgot to add m5 to that second diargam and saved it I then noticed my mistake, and edited it to add m5, but the diagram was not changed. So i edited again to add the c to the diagram as another optional ko-threat and then did get a new diagram.

ArnoHollosi: Re: does take first line into account (2008-06-14 19:25) [#4774]

It has been like this for well over a year. So if there is something wrong, I'd like to fix it. I just tried to reproduce the bug on my test install as per your instructions, but adding m5 worked flawlessly.

HermanHiddema: Re: does take first line into account (2008-06-14 19:31) [#4775]

Trouble is of course, that it may also have been a caching issue on my side :-(

I will try some more to reproduce it.

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