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reply discussion with recommendations (2007-07-26 11:49) [#3583]

game in one diagram, not 10 moves per diagram or something like that). The only requirements are:

  • Must work on a PC
  • Must be able to number moves (all in one diagram)
  • Must be able to provide footnotes for moves played in previouslyoccupied spots rather than just skipping that move altogether (That rules out CGoban.. a pity, since I really liked CGoban's prints.)
  • Must be moderatly attractive (No offense, but GoWrite is not very good for printing...)

Can anyone make any reccomendations?

Niklaus: I do all my go diagram printing with the online version of sgf2misc available [ext] here. For very pretty high resolution diagrams (and correct ko notation) select postscript output. For printing .ps files on windows, I use ghostscript and gsview, both freely downloadable [ext] here. An older version of sgf2misc is also available for download, but it's somewhat messy to set up on windows. By the way I prefer 50 moves per diagram for my printouts, resulting in the whole game on 1 or 2 pages, but still easy to replay (I print out pro games for replaying them on a real board).

AshleyF: Also, SmartGo does all of this. Just turn on 'Number All Moves' and 'Show Diagram Caption'. It produces very nice looking diagrams and includes under the stones moves in the caption. Additionally, you can set up search criteria and export diagrams for each result to EPS or PDF. Very cool!

Example: [ext]

Fdv: I use sfg2tex from Daniel Bump, see [ext], the use is easy with several options. (you can print variations !!)

dnerra: I think it does give excellent results.

Hikaru79: I appreciate the help guys. Ashley, SmartGo looks really excellent, however I was looking for something more... free. =P Thanks for the suggestion though, if I ever get any spare cash, I know what software to buy! ^^ Niklaus, you made my day! =) The PostScript diagrams look great! Those tools are a great find, thank you again! ^^

MachinShin: Latest beta of MultiGo gives nice printouts too. Only second to gobase's sgf2misc. A pity it's only for windows.

Roger: /me throws his hat into the ring... I just finished the first version of a program that may suit your needs. It's not perfect yet (for the moment, it will probably have problems with any SGF files that are not real games such as problems and exercises), but it's free, it's a small download, and it supports all the features you listed. 'Course, the last one is subjective :) [ext]

choreck: GoPrinter is very nice to print and play games at home. However, it didn't print some of the old sgf files, it just didn't advanced from 'options' to 'diagrams' menu. Inserting <SZ[19]> into sgf file solved this. Thanks to Roger for the program.

GillesArcas: (Drago developper) Among other features, Drago complies with the needs expressed at the top of this page!

LauriPaatero: (GOWrite developer) GOWrite 2.2 has significant updates for printing: Print Wizard for setting up multidiagram printing easily, and improved printing layout including 13 columns. Now GOWrite should also comply with listed requirements :)

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