Xian Ji Wu Ku Problems

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Xian Ji Wu Ku (仙機武庫) is a famous classical chinese go manual from the Ming Dynasty composed of eight scrolls. The problems below come from the Leather and Wood scrolls. As with a lot of other Chinese problems, these problems do not always produce a clear life and death solution. Think of them as trying to get the best result in the situations and accept that ko can be an answer.

The problems are usually grouped into named sections and each problem usually has a name attached. However some of the chinese characters are illegible or missing in the surviving copies of the original manuscript. Therefore names can only be shown to the extent of what is available. I will replace missing and indecipherable characters with an X. For some illegible characters, I have used a reproduction of the actual manual to make a best guess effort on what the actual name is. Best guess effort means doodling on a chinese input IME until the computer returns a character which best fits what I can make out from the bits, pieces, and shape of each illegible character.

As my understanding of classical chinese is quite poor, if someone wants to translate the names of the sections and problems, please go ahead.


Now 101Weiqi (Chinese) has an interactive collection: [ext] https://www.101weiqi.com/book/116/

Leather Scroll (革集)

Thumbnails: 1-49, 50-97, 98-148

疏豁角 (Loose Corner) 1-49 (Thumbnails)

內間角 50-61 (Thumbnails)

長生角 (Chosei Corner)(Long-living Corner) 62-65 (Thumbnails)

團聚角 (Clustered Corner) 66-80 (Thumbnails)

實條角 81-84 (Solid Rod Corner)(Thumbnails)

斜行角 85-88 (Diagonal Corner)(Thumbnails)

蟬聯角 89-97 (connected string)(Thumbnails)

兩家角 98-108 ("Two Houses", that is capturing race)(Thumbnails)

糾纏角 109-115 (Thumbnails)

高起邊 116-122 (High Rising Side)(Thumbnails)

高起角 123-124 (High Rising Corner)(Thumbnails)

尖折角 125 (Thumbnails)

渡邊角 126-129 (Corner connecting to Side)(Thumbnails)

層沓角 130-141 (Thumbnails)

鉤彎角 142-146 (L-shape)(Thumbnails)

緊密角 147 (Thumbnails)

整齊角 148 (Thumbnails)


Wood Scroll (木集)

There seems to be at least 419 problems. There was an online source in Chinese, gone by now.

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