Weiqi Zhongji Jieti Xunlian

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Weiqi Zhongji Jieti Xunlian
series: 小儿围棋阶梯式解题丛书
By: Liu Luosheng? (刘骆生)
Publisher: The People's Athletic Publishing House?, 2003
ISBN10 7-5009-2440-2, 7-5009-2441-0, 7-5009-2442-9
100, 100, 106 pp.

Weiqi Zhongji Jieti Xunlian (围棋中级解题训练; Go Intermediate Problem Solving Training) is a 2003, three volume Chinese problem book series. The first volume contains 200-problems, the second 100-problems, and the third 99-problems. The first half of the books contain the problems, and the second half the solutions. Each volume slightly increases in difficulty while shifting the emphasis on problem type. A majority of the problems are the same as those from the Graded Go Problems for Beginners series.

  • Volume 下 (Lower) (ISBN: 7-5009-2442-9): Focuses on life and death; 100 pages.
  • Volume 中 (Middle) (ISBN: 7-5009-2441-0): Focuses on various tesujis and a few common life and death shapes; 100 pages.
  • Volume 上 (Upper) (ISBN: 7-5009-2440-2): Focuses on various tesujis and a few opening & endgame problems; 106 pages.

Table of Contents

The table of contents of each book has only two listings: problem section and answer section.

Sample Problems

Volume 1, Problem 200, Black to Play  
Volume 2, Problem 100, Black to Play  
Volume 3, Problem 99, Black to Play  


Anonymous: The problems in these three books are substantially identical to those in Graded Go Problems for Beginners Volume 3. Although some modifications have been made to the problems (often the orientation of the stones have been changed or the non-essential stones are a little different), my random (and admittedly very limited) sampling failed to find a single problem in this 3-volume series that did not come from GGPFB Vol. 3.

Similarly, the problems in the Beginner (= GGPFB Vol. 2) and Advanced (= GGPFB Vol. 4) volumes of this series also appear to be taken directly from the Graded Go Problems for Beginners Series. I do not know if this is an authorized version of the GGPFB series or not.


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