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Moves from the original game

jfc: This is what happened in the [ext] game.

Black tries to live  

jfc: After B10, how should white continue? A through C are interesting candidates.

Black fails, 1  

jfc: B2 at: B6, W3, B4, W7, W5 and A are all defenses that must be considered.

Black fails, 2  

jfc: I was surprised that black (my opponent) actually played it out this far.

Alternatives to the white's first move

Black tries to live  

jfc: I played a in the original game but also considered b. DrStraw suggested (on GoDiscussions.com) d as a better alternative.

Best white move

Black tries to live  

jfc: Is this the best white move?

Does W1 kill the corner?  

Bill: W1 is appealing, but only, I think, if it kills the corner.

Famous problem  

Bill: B1 and B3 look promising, but W4 is unexpectedly effective. B5 seems to make two eyes, but the corner turns into a well known problem.

Still dead  

Bill: With B1 Black still dies.

No descent  

Bill: B5 looks attractive. Maybe there is a ko.

Bill: (Much later.) It seems that there is a ko somewhere. See Gokyo Shumyo, Section 3, Problem 14.

No ko  

W9 at white+circle.

Bill: But no, White has oiotoshi.

Something strange on the 2-1?  

Bill: Maybe B3 will do the trick.

Center of three stones  

Bill: But W3 plays at the center of three stones and Black ends up damezumari. (This seems to be a famous problem, too. :-))

jfc: thanks for the suggestion, that looks good!

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