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"Do not go gentle into that good night..." -- Dylan Thomas

I did not show the rest of the game but both sides are running out of ko threats and if 2 is valid Black will lose the ko and then the game by 1/2 point.


White 2 was an unexpected move for me as a kibitzer. At the point where White captured at 4 the best Black could have done on the rest of the board was a ko threat worth about 20 points so Black had no choice but to continue internally.

16-18 Black is captured  

I wondered whether White, Black, or both read this all the way out at the point where White 2 in the first diagram was played.

Question: How is Black captured? Doesn't Black have two eyes?

Question to Question: Perhaps it would be easier for us to explain if you tell us where are the "two eyes" you identified. =) --unkx80

Another way to die  

-- Bill


Jasonred Looks like playing Black 7 at 8 didn't work then. How about this variation? I wonder why Black filled in a shared liberty with his original 3? Does this sequence, in fact, help at all? Or is it equally doomed? Does it in fact lead to a seki?


Jasonred : Right, I'm going to try answering my own question then... continuing from above, I read this sequence out. Aah... 6 and 7 are the circled and squared black stones, in miai? Right, 2 shared liberties here, black one external, white one eye... white wins even with black getting two moves in a row, looks like my sequence sucks ass...

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