Table building

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Icepick: I've been reading Charles's [ext] Shape Up preview chapters. I ran into this shape play:

Building a Table  

I see that this is a potentially very useful sequence. However, I have a concern or two.

One, from White's view point, is W4 the best local play? I would hesitate to push from behind.

Second, while I see that B5 makes excellent shape, should a (Hane at the Head of Two Stones) be considered as well?

Velobici: If White does not want to extend to W4 in the diagram above or to the right of W2, then W2 is an error. Rather than hane at W2, extending or treating the single White stone as light would be the correct direction of play. Without context (other stones on the board) it is not possible to say which is better.

Table follow-up  

Third, considering this potential (probable?) follow up series, Black may not be gaining as much as possible, either by continuing to push, or playing hane as considered in Question 2.

Table follow-up (2)  

Bill: In the previous diagram Black is getting pushed around. Black is already so solid that if White plays hane at W1, Black should almost always cut at B2 or a.

Icepick: This came up in a game yesterday, and turned out badly for me. See BQM107.

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