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This page has information about abandoned work(s).
Comment: The Systematic Joseki pages tried to reorganise joseki presentation in Sensei's Library since 2003, the last surge of activity happened in early 2005. Since then they were not maintained anymore, the bigger part of the remaining pages were removed in early 2011.

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Systematic Joseki  

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Opening corner plays

a hoshi
b komoku
c sansan
d mokuhazushi
e takamoku
f oomokuhazushi
g ootakamoku
h gonogo
j tengen

Project Timeline

Phase 1:

Discuss and agree on a standard layout for all future systematic joseki pages.

  • Status: Completed for corner joseki, see /Layout.

Phase 2:

Start working on the Systematic Joseki 3-4 6-3 joseki node plus all sub pages, using the agreed upon standard layout

  • Status: Under way

Phase 3:

Back to the discussion. using knowledge from phase 2 sugest any changes to the standard layout, or any new features.

  • Status: Ongoing with phase 2

Phase 4:

Create a whole new joseki libary using the agreed standard layout from phase 3.

  • Status: not started

  • /Discussion
  • /Layout

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