Suk B Choi Amateur Invitational

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The Suk B Choi Amateur Invitational was a tournament held on KGS for the top 16 amateur players. It is sponsored by Suk B Choi, hence the name, otherwise known as XY0908, his KGS username.

One notable point of the tournament is that the games are publicly reviewed afterwards, giving KGS users a chance to see very strong players give a review.

2008 Tournament

Official page: [ext]

The 2008 tournament was very popular, with the third game of the final reaching just over 870 observers.

The reviews are available as KGS replays from the KGS Plus menu (they are free to all, even the non-KGS+ members); see under May 2008 and June 2008. They are also available in regular SGF form via the download link in the section below.


The contestants for the 2008 tournament:

Prize money

  • Champion:  $1,000
  • Runner-up:  $500
  • Losing Semi Finalist (2):  $200
  • Losing Quarter Finalist (4):  $100
  • Losing First Round (8):  $50

Fernando Aguilar was the winner of the $50 prize for fighting spirit.


  • AGA Rules 7.5 Komi
  • Maintime 60 minutes
  • Overtime 1 minute 3 times
  • Games will be played in the English Game Room and reviewed afterwards.


Winners are marked with bold.

Round 1:

  • unknownplr vs wolchengi ([ext] SGF)
  • HFL vs LeeKiBong ([ext] SGF)
  • oysy vs Cornel ([ext] SGF)
  • gentlerain vs zchen ([ext] SGF)
  • ericdai vs flashback ([ext] SGF)
  • Pianist vs chunga ([ext] SGF)
  • BigBadWolf vs aguilar ([ext] SGF)
  • bin7674 vs bigben79 ([ext] SGF)

Round 2:

  • wolchengi vs HFL ([ext] SGF)
  • oysy vs gentlerain ([ext] SGF)
  • ericdai vs chunga ([ext] SGF)
  • BigBadWolf vs bin7674 ([ext] SGF)

Round 3:

  • HFL vs oysy ([ext] SGF)
  • Chunga vs BigBadWolf ([ext] SGF)

Round 4:

  • Game 1: oysy ([ext] SGF)
  • Game 2: BigBadWolf ([ext] SGF)
  • Game 3: oysy ([ext] SGF)

The winner of the tournament is oysy.

Games and reviews download

The games and reviews are available as SGF files in RAR and ZIP forms (both approx. 1.45 MB): [ext] RAR, [ext] ZIP. Note that two reviews are missing because they did not happen.

A collection is also available from [ext]

I have added downloads to ZIP and RAR archives of the games played and the reviews. These will expire after 30 days of no downloads. If anyone would like to host them somewhere more convenient, please feel free to do so. -- og

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