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Happened in the game (Correct solution)  

The placement at 1 allows white to capture four black stones in sente or make a break along the first line threatening the life of the whole group.

Attempts and discussion

Correct move  

W1 is the correct move, which captures the four marked stones, threatening a snapback at a.

Black defeds simply  

B2 is a mistake, which loses the whole left-side group. After W9, White wins the capturing race by one move. Even if Black gives up black+circle, he has suffered a great loss.

Black defends wisely  

Black should just give up his four stones and defend his group as a whole. White gains ten points in sente, though: a great result.


Charles How about B2 at B4?

Dieter thinks there is more to it.

Correct move  

Black loses about 6 points in gote.

Correct move  

This doesn't work, so ...

Correct move  

B4 at B1. Black is killed.

Correct move  

I think this may be the main diagram.

Happened in the game  

I think that placement W1 gives White sente. HolIgor

One more snapback  

B4 connects at W1

If Black persists then there is another snapback.

White gote  

Bill: B2 at a is bad. Simply connecting takes sente.
W1 is better than just threatening to take the black+circle stones, allowing Black to play at W1.
I believe that this is orthodox play.

Black surrounded  

If Black is surrounded, B2 at W3 dies. In that case, this ko looks like orthodox play, unless Black is komaster.

Black komaster  

When Black is komaster, White continues as in Holigor's line.

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