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My infos tend to be very long and boring...^^;; so if you're not a patient person...please just skip to the parts you're interested in~ If otherwise, go ahead and read this long drabble of info I mindlessly typed up~

Hiya Everyone~ I'm Shiori. Usually I'm very nice.....maybe...but most of the time I'm easy to get along with, unless you do something extremely stupid to get on my nerves, then I blow up and start nagging the heck outta you^^ I once said I would never create a Senseis page...but KGS's profile is too limited, and I can't add enough information on one person, without cutting out another!! Btw, my KGS account is also Shiori, look me up sometime for a game, if you're interested ^_~ Or if you'd like a ranked game then you'll have better luck if you challenge Silverwind ^_~ I'm about 9-10kish currently in rank, but KGS is so whacko, you never know~ I think I'm actually weaker....

I'm often very pessimistic, because I don't believe I can do it. But thats gotta change. So from now on, I'm telling myself, "I can do it, You can do it Shiori!" Because if even I don't believe I can do it, who else will? I may be weak, I may have zero talent, but as long as I believe, my determination and passion for this game will pull through.

Go is something that has changed my life...for better or for worse, even I don't know yet. Before I even realized it, it has become something that impacts not just my online life, but my everyday life as well. I met many people on here. And as weird as it is to be saying this since they are just people I met online, they are very important and precious to me. They have changed my life greatly. I got many ideas from them, many experiences, and also lots of advice. Sure, I met people I dislike, and with my personality, to some degree I envy all of them. It may be their talent in Go, school, or just their sheer awesomeness that just leaves me in shock and makes me wonder "why am I so insignificant compared to them?" But at the same time that makes me want to become a better person. Always envying others and not realizing my own true talents and worth has always been one of my weaknesses and bad point, but to some point, this habit of mine will always stay with me. When humans have their own habits for so long, it just stays, humans don't change so easily.

I wish to become a better person than I was yesterday. That's the reason for me playing Go. I have always thrown things aside after my interest faded, which usually last for only about 2-3 days. Yet somewhere inside of me hopes that I will find something that can capture my interest for a looooooong time to come. Is go it? Is Go the one thing that can capture my interest? That's what I want to know. As long as my interest in still intact, I will keep playing Go. That's my purpose for playing Go.

NekoFang says that if you don't believe it, you'd better look behind you at all your senseis and rivals! >:O

Anyone, and I mean *anyone* who ticks, or hurts my friends, my rivals, or my teachers, shall face my wrath. I may be a weak go player, but I won't hesitate to tell you when you're wrong! >:O

If you have time to spare, drop by my room under social ^^ Its Starlight Tavern!!!


I translate for a subbing group, ZeroPositive. I am the translator for Metal Fight Beyblade. I also am the founder of the scanlation group Leisure Scans. I like to actively participate in the subbing/scanlating world as you can see ;)

Of course, I play Go, *duh!* And watching new/interesting anime and reading adorable manga is always a fave. In case you haven't noticed, I don't have much of a life outside of anime/manga and Go. I am a humongous yaoi fangirl, and a gigantic ItaNaru? fan. You will constantly find me on Fanfic sites prowling for good yaoi to read ;) ITANARU SHALL LIVE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coughs* Ignore the lunatic ;)

My Go Life~

I no longer want to go pro like I used to. Right now, if I did have a goal, I would want to go as far as I can in this vast world of Go.

I'm not very strong, but if you think I can be of service, then please feel free to ask me for a teaching game or just a game in general if you'd like. I'm also willing to point out some mistakes or review a game if thats what you prefer. Of course please place in mind that I am not a strong Go player, so I will of course make mistakes as well. I will try my best to help all the go players that need it tho ^^ In fact, I think all of us should offer help to those who are beginners or weaker than our rank (no offense) because KGS didn't become what it was today by having players that refuse to play and help weaker players right? ^_^


  • Improve as much as I can while also following my other dreams outside of the go world.
  • Becoming the strongest I can possibly be with all my precious rivals.

Accomplished Goals

  • Defeated Neo and Wen
  • Officially reached SDK on 8/4/08 on Silverwind

My Go Schedule

Don't have much of one at the moment...

My View of Go

Go is something awesome. Its been my passion for these last four to five months. Its like most of my life is centered on Go, yet if we let something, a game (no matter how important it is to us), we will soon lose sight of the real purpose of Go, to have fun. When one starts caring more about winning than having fun, that is when they start losing sight of the one thing that drew them to Go.

I respect those who wish to go Pro, and think that their determination is an amazing thing. Yet, what good would it be to place all your efforts in, and then realize it was all a waste?

I believe that if Go had a spirit and could talk to us, he would say, "Don't let this game take you over," I truly believe that he would want each and every one of us to have the most fun we could possibly have out of this game.

Also, stronger people should always do their best to help the beginners and weaker players. Just think back to when you first started, if you had many people to help you back then, can you honestly say that you would have gotten that far without their help and support? And if you were less fortunate and didn't have people to help you, then think back to the times where you wish that someone would help you get stronger. We all started from the same point, some of us just progress faster, and some of us start later.

One should never insult another Go player, unless its jokingly and you apologize if it hurt the other person unintentionally. If a weaker player asks a stupid question, remember that all of us also asked those stupid questions at one point. We all need help, theres no such thing as truly strong in Go. Can anyone of us truly say that we know all there is to know about Go? No, we can't, because we don't. We're all different shades of weak, remember that there is always someone ahead of you. A go player's path is endless after all, and also full of obstacles.


^^ I stole this from my aibou's page..but saa~ I think she got it from somewhere else too...^^;; xDD

" "You should play Go like you're falling in love." --Takemiya 7p

Your pride in Go comes from your love.

If you look at your unhappiness...

All the areas you suck at.

All the people who are better...

Then you have no pride in your Go.

Then your game is weak and spiritless.

You don't believe in your moves...

How sad!

Every stone tries so very hard to help you win.

They do their very best!

You can correct your technique and understanding, but not your love.

Your love is perfect, and will grow if nurtured.

Play games that express that love with all your heart and soul.


I agree with the above, but at the same time I know that I also do a lot of the things it tells me not to do..^^;; So I shall try my best to change that.


Somewhere behind the go player you have become,

the long hours of studying,

and all the teachers who encouraged you all this time,

is the person who fell in love with the game of Go.

Play for them.

^-^ I took the above poem from a shirt. It was originally about tennis, I merely switched a few words here and there. I really liked this poem, so I don't know who came up with it, but I have no intentions of stealing that person's work.



I have very few rivals I actually care about. Sometimes, I claim someone as a rival, but then tend to forget about it..... If that happens, I'm sorry >.<

NeoNaifu? : He isn't exactly what I'd call a rival anymore. I am still a little bit mad at him leaving without telling me a word, but I suppose he has his own reasons. I'm through with putting all the blame on him. I will pick up Go again, and this time, I will walk upwards stone by stone, while waiting for him to catch up. And if it so happens he comes back and has once again surpassed me, then I will, like I have in the past, chase to surpass him once more.

Those who I will never forget

Aibou *NekoFang* : She has always been there for me. It didn't matter when we would talk, I knew that when I needed her most, she'd be there. She is the light to my darkness, and it was because she was there, that I was able to come to truths with myself, that I was able to keep going on. She will probably never understand the impact she's made on me, but I love her very much. She's my partner, my precious aibou, my most important online friend, and most importantly, she is my other half. Darkness cannot live without light =P Aibou understands me in a frightening way. She is not one to freak out about anything, she;s like a giant pillar of rock that supports me and helps me go through all my troubles. I love you aibou!

Suai : Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I loooooooooooveeeeeeeee herrrrrrrrrrrrr. She is amazingly awesome, and I love her so damn much! She is the one who kicks me when I don't write...or when I don't go on KGS for an amazingly long amount of time. =P If aibou was my other half, then su my white on rice~ XD *tackles her possessively* I am very possessive of my Su =P No stealing!


I am grateful to all my teachers. They have helped me lots, and I promise to try my best to fulfill all their expectations of me, and to become a student they can be proud of, yet at the same time I also want to play them even. Not just play them even, but actually stand a chance against them.

Eires : <-Lazy teacher xD But also someone very fun to hang around. He's very strong, and I'm glad that he's there for me all the time! If he ever is mean to you in a game, and you're a DDK or weaker, I'll yell at him for you ^_~ Eires is very funny, and he's always nice to me. *Bugs him a lot on MSN* But he talks to me...most of the time^^

Hrm, its very weird. I can always count on Ei-chan to help me, if he's online, regardless if its concerning Go, or some other "real-life business" my parents toss to me. He almost always knows what to say to make me happy again. I guess in a way he's my teacher in all aspects of life, and not just Go. Of course I have some whether or not he's really an 80 year old pedophile...but meh, I decided to trust that Ei-chan is who he claims to be, my friend and teacher ^^ *Hugs Eires*

Honte : He's scary...but also very kind. I don't think I've ever seen him go all out on me, and thats why I'm scared of his strength. But he's taught me a lot *still is*, and for that I love him^^ Honte's a very good teacher, he watches most of my games, and points out my mistakes sometimes. I learn a lot from him~

He's semi anit-social...<- in a nice way...but I really like Ho-chan. He always urge me to work harder, and was always there to support me, I forgot how we first met, but I am glad that I met such a kind and reliable teacher like him.

Shinato : Shii-nii is very funny~ One of the youngest teachers I have. He goes easy on me when we play, like Honte does. And I too, like aibou, vow to become a go player strong enough, and worthy enough to be called his rival.

Shii-nii always knows what to say to make his students laugh and have fun. He jokes around with us a lot and always encourages us to try out best. ^^ He's always willing to give me piggyback rides ^^ *Gives yunzi stones* <- Careful now ^_~ He loves go stones.

Shika : Shika-nii is a very strong player. One of the strongest of my teachers in fact. I first met Shika-nii through my horrible writing...(yes I write). He's a flirt..*bops shika-nii* and hates yaoi, but he's nice to me and is willing to teach a lowly go player like me so I'm forever grateful to him^^

Dinnertime : Tom is something like an unofficial teacher, he teaches me things once in a while when my other teachers aren't around. Tom is funny, maybe annoying sometimes, but I am grateful for him teaching me many things^^

Other Friends on KGS and those who have supported me...

VampSakura : Sa-chan is one of the people on KGS that is really important to me. She's somewhat of a little sister and best friend. Sa-chan cares about her appearance a lot, although she's really cute <= just trust me, she is. I used to think of Sa-chan as a rival, but now, she's not someone I want to surpass, its like, I want to keep improving alongside her. She blooms fast, idols Sakura from Naruto, and I hope that I am able to keep up with her, and that I will be able to blossom one day like she has, and I hope that one day we can climb towards pro together.

Katrina : She is one of my real-life friends. Even though Katrina didn't like me playing go at first since she didn't understand the reason I was so crazy about a "boring board game," she soon saw just how much I loved it, and now supports my dream fully, even to the point of agreeing to go to Japan with me when the time comes to take the pro exam!

Dominique : Dominique was always the more passive one of us three. Usually she always calmed us down when we were in a heated rant or something along those lines. I moved away from VA, away from them in the summer of 2008, but I'm not all that worried. They support me and my dream, and thats all the proof I need that I will always have loyal friends supporting me.

Be aware, the future three musketeers will soon reunite in 3 years~


Feel free to leave comments here ^^

tannguyen8:hehe I have nothing to do so i edit yout page a litle.

Shinato: Yay for akari and Umezawa sensei! :D who knew? xD

VampSakura: aww shi-chan that's really sweet --- thanks ^^ you're like my older sis too ^^ and no im not cute -_-

Hydro47: Ello, need to play you sometime lol, must review after break....

Phelan: Hi! I noticed you mentioned an interest in subbing. There's been an interest in subbing Go videos at GoDiscussions. I wonder if you're interested in that.

  • I am quite busy as of now, but if I happen to have free time I will look it up ^^

Phelan:Ok, thanks for the reply. :)

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