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About HUSA

Hey guys! I am Kris T., aka HikaruUSA. I am an avid go player and love the game with a passion. I give credit to my friend Michael, who is now about 3k, for showing me the game. I started back in May of '07, and sort of lagged off in '08. I am trying to get around school and work to play more, so we'll see how that works out. I am in high school, and I am planning on attending a university followed by med school. Go is something that teaches me virtues and expands my intellectual horizons.

Jasper Highschool Go Club

The [ext] Jasper High Go Club is a student led organization founded and run by me. As the president I was able to contact the [ext] American Go Foundation and my friend Paul Barchilon for a Classroom Starter Kit. Without this, and Paul's guidance, I would have never been able to keep the club up and running. By the time the set got in we already had to collect club dues to buy more! Within a month or so I was able to round up about 30 avid go players to join the club. The AGA also provided us with some valuable [ext] promotional tools to spread the word about the new club we made. I never really used any of their [ext] guides on starting the club, but I'm sure they've helped hundreds of people who wanted to start a club.

Recently, the club has gotten some national recognition. JHSGC was written up in the [ext] American Go E-Journal, which is great to get the latest global and local go news. The article, /jhsgcarticle, brought attention to the club and also [ext] my videos when it was released.

HikaruUSA: the Youtube Guy

Many people have noticed the username "HikaruUSA" come up on many different sites... because it's me! I am not only on SL, but also [ext] KGS, [ext] youtube, and [ext] Tiger's mouth.

On youtube I had posted a few videos just out of boredom.

My Board:

http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/3719/1000730rd8.jpg http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/3458/1000731ww7.jpg http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/7956/1000732qt4.jpg
The Story Behind Hikaru's Board: I had just learned how to play go and was about to go to my first go club appearance. I decided I wanted to take a board with me so I went looking for a cheap beginners board. The only one I found was the one in the "Before" picture. I was disappointed so I left it at my house when I went to the club. A couple of weeks later, during the summer of '07, I decided to work on it. I went to my grandfather's house for help and we began the "Extreme Go Board Makeover"!! First, we got an old plywood shelf and cut it to the dimensions of the board (except that it was about 1.5in high). Then we sanded the paint off and wood glued it and clamped it to the board. Then we cut 1.5in tall and .75in wide pieces of wood to the length of each side of the board. We cut the edges of the lengths at 45 degree angles and stained them a dark chestnut color. 24 hours later the board and the stain was dry. Then we glued the edges on the thicker board and clamped. Another 24 hrs... The next day we used a band-saw to cut the board in half. We then screwed hinges on the bottom and drilled holes for the pegs in each corner. The pegs are actually the ends of a tapestry hanging pole thing. Then we stained everything but the board top. 24hrs later... We lacquered the WHOLE board. When that was dry we put felt circles on the legs to protect them. It doesn't fold all of the way, but its a TON better!!!%%% If you have any questions on the board leave a message such as mafutrct did by clicking edit at the top of the page =D

ColdNight Why didnt you just put the hinges on the inside of the fold so you could fold it all the way? Any way great job on the board it looks great.

My Stones

I have recently aquired Yunzi stones! Click Here? For More Info!%%%Here's Some Pics!!:
http://img296.imageshack.us/img296/9274/yunzi1fo0.jpg http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/286/yunzi2ea6.jpg http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/3562/yunzi3dg5.jpg
I got these from Yellow Mountain Imports. I will review the quality, care, and general info when these come in this Thursday!! In the mean time: [ext] Similar to what I'll do! I'll try to add more pictures =D

(last edit: 2/25/09 9:19 pm; more to come !)

Comment Me!!!

mafutrct: Your latest vid of the NHOG tournament was quite nice! Keep up the good work. :)

gokid99: wow!, nice board and stones!! cool vids 2

Sensei of Baduk: Very nice page, I love your board. The Go Seigen video and the WoW Tournament Videos are awesome!!

gogoigoe: I cant wait to hear your reviews on the stones and see da pics!


kerugin: Hiya Kris! Its Rushi <3

Ninten:Does the board ever warp

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