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Hello me name is Tom Bahun and I have played for a little less than a year. I am around 1-2dan now and I would love to become pro more than anything in the world. I have a go club in Maine, The Greater Portland Area Go Club. The Pro trio is Me, Neo, and Shiori.


Su Yang (JeffChang)- My teacher, mentor, great player....Jeff has been my teacher for most of my time I have played go and he has taught me so much. He is such a nice person. I cant wait to be as strong as him and compete along side him.


Andd(andrew)- Andrew is really a nice person and a great friend. I first met him at a tourney in boston and we have been friends ever sinse. He wants to become a great go player too and I'm a bit scared that is is gona catch up soon....he is really good if he thinks more!

Born2BeKyu?(Hendrik)- I recently just met Hendrik but he has quickyl become a good friend. He is starting a server called Online World Go Server everyone come check it out. He too aspires to become pro and will study in korea.

Shiori- Such a good friend and a really nice person. Sometimes she does scare me but it never scares me away. She is in the Pro Trio.

Neonaifu (neo)- Neo is SUCH a HUGE part in my go life. He is a great friend. I wish he would be on kgs more though....I do love to play him!

YusufS- A old friend but still a good one...I wish i had more time from my go studies to play with him more!

Biotank- Another old but great friend he has been right at my rank for along time but finally i think maybee i have surpassed him.

HikaruUSA(Kris)- Kris is such a cool kid, a new friend and he is my competetor for posts on tigersmouth.

Ottomated(Hal)- He is my oldest and one of my best go friends. We have gone too a few tourneys together and partyied at a some awsome hude parties in boston ebfore the go tourneys.

Littlenemo (Paul)- Paul is a member of the agf and runs the tigersmouth website. He has become a great friend!



Vampsakura (see saCHAN on sensei's)



narushi aka Kerugin

My Go Schedual!!:

1.200-400 tsumego

2.5-10 games

3.Review 3-7 pro games

4.Joseki/Fuseki/ect. Independent study

Comments: HikaruUSA - haha, you bet I am your competitor... I am first in shouts now!! =D

tannguyen8 whoa, which mean i'm the second to shout! :)

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