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Power is my goal, glory is only an option.

My Go Career

Hello fellow Go players! I am Shinato and I appreciate your visit to this page. Throughout the years I have been addressed as: Shina, Shin, but most commonly Shinato! I have been playing Go since late Febuary of 2007 and tend to play the Kiseido Go Server (KGS) with a rank of 4k approximately. My love for the game knows no boundaries, and not only do I love to play and study, but I enjoy teaching-- a completely different aspect to the game, yet one that is equally fulfilling. Hopefully by reading the rest of this page (or even just skimming it), you will be able to satiate the curiosity that drew you here. Enjoy!

For KGS Go players, I am also the founder and owner of KGSRooms/Soul of the Meijin under Social.

[ext] My Game Record

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My Life On KGS

KGS is my second home! It is where I grew and where I shall grow. I have had many experience on other servers, but they are forgettable. Only the memories on KGS are the ones I found worth remembering. I thank the people on KGS for making this possible. With people as kind and helpful as the KGS community, there is nowhere else worth visiting. The people mentioned below are people who rightfully deserve to be acknowledged for the time they have contributed in guiding me when I was lost, challenging me when I was lax, and constantly giving me a reason to play Go. They are people who have my utmost gratitude, respect and admiration.

  • My Former Sensei:
    • Papabearx3
  • Rivals:
    • haruto
    • cksmao
    • Teg
    • P0PTart
  • Other Acknowledgements:
    • schrody
    • shygost
    • Anya

The Hiatus and Return

After more than seven months without a game, and perhaps, more than a year without serious, competitive play, I officially returned to the game February 2011. Now, when I say return, I mean return. I was once a player that would push himself to the very boundaries of his endurance and thoughts to excel at Go, for my goal was to someday achieve professional status. Yet, as reality sunk in and immaturity eroded, it was evident that such can only be a dream. Thus, I steadily began losing both my passion and interest in the game. It became to me nothing more than a secondary thought-- a memory. Yet, throughout all the time that I was gone, there was never a moment that I lost my love and loyalty for the game. It was the game that promoted my maturity and left me far above those my age in terms of a logical perspective towards life. I owed the game memories that can be experienced nowhere else. I knew I had to come back. After finishing my college applications, I knew the time had come to focus on what was once the greatest passion in my life. I write this to explain myself to the friends that missed my presence and whose presence I missed even greater, and to the students that I unquestionably neglected. To these people, I sincerely apologize. What matters now is that I am back-- not to play games, but to play Go. The fervor that once filled my soul has returned, and this time, it shall not be extinguished.


As a player with a ranking around 4k, I feel it is my duty to teach weaker players. Students can rank anywhere from 30k-8k. My technique is rather simple; my teaching games are usually even games, where I will take control often and point out preferred moves. However, I am also available for review games and reviewing professional kifu. Please note that due to my recent hiatus, I will not accept students for the time being.

  • Deshi:


Although Go is a very large part of my life, there is so much more worth discovering and so much more that you will have to discover for yourself about me.

  • The Greatest Influences:
    • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
    • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    • Tupac Amaru Shakur
    • Danny Choo
    • Aya Kito
  • My Goals and Dreams:
    • To move to Japan
    • To be a father of two
    • To find eternal happiness
  • Future Destinations:
    • Japan
    • Vienna, Austria
    • England
    • Spain
  • Interests:
    • Bodybuilding
    • Japanese (language and culture)
    • Go (of course)
    • The Arts
  • Music:
    • Classical
    • Rap
    • Opera
    • Japanese (Traditional, Enka, Rock, and Pop)

My Perspective

I have some interesting views concerning different issues. These views are usually expressed on KGS, but in case you have never met me before, here are some things to take note of.

  • Yes, you may see me helping admins by warning people. Many ask, Why? You're not an Admin.... I say, Why not? KGS is my home too! I have realized that what they do is for the sake of the people on KGS, and I am proud to give my support. I am completely aware that I am not an admin, thus I am limited to what I can do and acknowledge that.
  • New players deserve our help and respect. In addition, people not familiar with KGS need that same support. When we show them otherwise, we are forgetting that we once asked the same questions. Beginners need our support because without them, teachers would not exist, and we would lack interesting rivals.
  • KGS should be able to delete accounts without notice. There have been many instances, where people constantly disobey the Terms of Service (TOS), and thus they should face punishment by losing their account. Moreover, an ability to permanently IP ban, preventing any other accounts from logging on.
  • Be careful with whom you trust. After all, KGS is a big community that definitely has people with wrong intentions. To be more specific, one should not hand over passwords to his/her accounts or give ownership to a room. To be frank, my room has been stolen before, and I have been asked in the past for my password just so I could have a picture. You can never be too sure, especially over the Internet.
  • The fastest way to become stronger is to play stronger players in even games. I usually play people about three or four stones stronger than me. Furthermore, I keep my rank as [-] so I can easily embrace losing and forget about a possibly declining rank. I understand the importance of rank, however I have seen many players focused more on their rank than their games.


If you have a Sensei's Library account leave a comment with your name here!

artboy598{8k}: Hi, I'd love to be a student of you since you teach (8k)s.

    I'll study whatever you say to get to your level someday

Shiori: *glomps* Shii-nii!!!!!!!! *Clings* I will definitely surpass you one day...*though its merely a dream now* Love ya~

Narushi aka Kerugin: Gah! Shii-nii-kun is mine all mine!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!! Hiya, honey. *gives shii-kun a box of pocky*

Tan: Care full, I haven't punish him for stealing my sake, Give It Back To Me!!!,*drinking sake**sing like crazy*

Tan: Shinato, ur #1 on my hit list of ppl that I want to beat!! so get ready, I'm coming to get u!!!

thanatos13:Hi Shinato, I was wondering you don't only live on KGS do you? I noticed that you don't have a country o.O, but i admire your work to helping the KGS community to be better.

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